The Voice: Rapid Fire Music and Too Many Eliminations Raise Public Ire

The recent eliminations in the much watched famous reality show, The Voice, left many viewers and avid fans perturbed and annoyed. 

Eight contestants faced eliminations last week on The Voice.  Their question on top of mind was the reason for the eight eliminations that happened all at once, which seem to have disgruntled the viewers  and left a bad taste among the participants, reveals Fox News.

Cramming To Make Space?

It looked a bit hurried and rushed as NBC appeared to have packed in 20 singers in a two-hour episode. And doing away with 8 contestants on the trot to arrive at the final figure of 12 for the finale is certainly not the right thing to do according to viewers.

Some of the comments that came up slammed the network for outright stupidity as they seemed to have rushed things up on a reality show.

This surely is an unfair game when contestants had no clue what is happening. What is worse, both performances and eliminations happened quickly in one night. Why was there a hurry to finish?

Viewers’ Comments

To quote some of the tweets that came up after the show, “@NBCTheVoice Wow! I really hated this elimination round.. Best team was @adamlevine and it was sad for ANY of his team to go. . :(“

Another comment from an avid watcher, “#TheVoice. This new rushed playoff feels like a sick chaotic mess!! So not fair! Everyone sounds rushed and not on their game! Bad idea!!”

Rushed Affair

Everyone should have a fair chance at performance  as well as assessment and evaluation. It also appeared that the judges were rushed into making quick choices. This obviously is not fair on the contestants who are putting their best feet forward for the show.

Indeed, those who watched the show know that the final 30 seconds of NBC’s The Voice appeared so stressful and hurried.

Adam Levine did not have time to choose, and it was termed really unfair. Judges seemed to be in a hurry to save few contestants, but the lack of time may not help them consider all points.


Jason Warrior and Dana Harper from Blake Shelton’s team were eliminated. Sophia Urista and Belle Jewel from Team Miley went home. Team Adam bid a sad goodbye to Simone Gundy and Riley Elmore. Alicia Keys parted with Kylie Rothfield and Josh Halverson from her team, TV Line reported.

The Voice is back on Monday on NBC.

Photo Source : Facebook/The Voice