The Voice 2016 Season 11: Journey of Final 12 Contestants!

The Voice 2016 Season 11 has been very successful with the coming in of two new judges. It started off well with very impressive blind auditions. Well, the blind auditions are over and the contestants have been added to respective teams of mentors.

The mentors in The Voice 2016 Season 11 are Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys. The latest episode of the Playoffs was cut off due to the US Election night. However, Playoff Results were declared on the day as the performance.

So, who all made it to top 12? Here is the list (team wise):

Team Blake

Blake Shelton, known as the country singer judge, has been able to make his protégées win twice in the show. He has gathered together a powerful team of three beautiful soul singers.

Sundance Head

In his blind auditions, he came in as a quintessential country singer with a cowboy hat and a guitar in hand. The first chair to turn back for him was Adam Levine but he chose Blake. For his playoffs, he sang Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban.

Austin Allsup

It seemed like he is not going to be picked by any of the judges but Blake Shelton was the only judge who turned and gave him a chance. He wowed everyone with a rendition of “I Ain’t Living Long like This” during the Playoffs episode of The Voice 2016 Season 11.

Courtney Harrell

A mother and a songwriter, she came back to the stage after 15 years away from performing. Alicia Keys jumped on her seat as she turned back for her. She continued to impress throughout and is a strong contender in the show.

Team Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has been a refreshing entry to the show. She wears her heart on her sleeve and clearly is one of the most loved judges. Her team has some really good singers who have the potential to win this show.

Christian Cuevas

One of the most soulful voices in the show, he came as a simpleton but he conquered the heart of the judges. One of his best performances was with Jason Warrior who performed “Hello” by Adele during the Battle round. Alicia Keys ended up making a difficult choice by letting Jason go and choosing Christian. Adam ended up picking Warrior.

Wé McDonald

Wé McDonald made an impression right from the beginning with her powerful voice. The contacts between her shy speaking voice and her ferocious singing voice baffled everyone! Clearly one contestant everyone is a bit wary of because of the powerhouse that she is.


She performed “I’d Rather Go Blind” for her Playoffs. She clearly stands out because of her voice and also because of her bright red hair that adorns her head.

Team Miley Cyrus

Aaron Gibson, Ali Caldwell and Darby Walker are the final three contestants on her team. Miley has been one of the most controversial judges but also the one having the most fun! It is rumored that she and Adam Levine are not getting along too well in the show.

Team Adam Levine

Adam Levine has been the constant judge in The Voice since the show started its USA series. On his team, the final three contestants that made it are Billy Gilman, Josh Gallagher and Brendan Fletcher. All three guys on the team are soul singers.

It will be interesting to see if Adam Levine wins the show with one of his teammates again!

The Voice 2016 Season 11 airs every Monday and Tuesday on NBC.

Photo Source: Facebook/The Voice