The Crown: Kate Middleton, Prince William Worry About Portrayal?

Rumors suggest that royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton were having second thoughts about the actors’ portrayal of their marriage in the new Netflix show The Crown.

According to Gossip Cop’s report, Kate Middleton and Prince William were both cool about The Crown. The prominent couple was not worried at all about the series’ portrayal of their married life.

Previous reports stated that Kate Middleton and Prince William were cautious that The Crown might show their problems as a married couple. Sources added that the couple currently has a messy, troubling marriage that led to the speculation of their worry. One even claimed that the couple feared that the show would totally destroy their privacy.

There were also claims about possible scenes of the Duke and Duchess in the series. A scene would probably show the couple fighting over their royal responsibilities. The show would also allegedly feature the husband and wife having an unstable relationship with Queen Elizabeth.

The Real Story Behind The Crown

However, the real focus of the show is the reign of Queen Elizabeth for 60 years. Netflix has not even confirmed yet that the series would really feature scenes about Kate Middleton and Prince William, as the current season portrays a younger Queen. Besides, in real life, the Duke and Duchess had a harmonious relationship together, even with the Queen.  Any portrayal of William and Kate would most likely be in a future season.

The Crown follows the story of 25-year-old Queen Elizabeth II who just got married. The young Queen tries to balance leading a powerful but declining monarchy while maintaining a relationship with Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The series stars Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, John Lithgow as Winston Churchill, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby, Jeremy Northam, James Hillier, Nicholas Rowe, Jared Harris, Pip Torrens, Victoria Hamilton, Ben Miles, Harriet Walter, Clive Francis, Harry Hadden-Paton, Eileen Atkins and Thomas Padden.

Creator Peter Morgan carefully researched the private life of the Queen and the closed doors of Buckingham Palace and Westminster. He aimed to create a credible yet entertaining story.

Photo Source: Facebook/The Crown