Suits: Which Couple Might Get Married?

Suits Season 6B will pick up from the mid-season finale that ended with a major revelation. Tara Messer is pregnant and Louis Litt, (Tara’s new boyfriend) proposes to her despite knowing that the unborn child does not belong to him.

Louis tells Tara that he is going to raise this baby like his own. Louis’ proposal drops a clue that they both might get married in the next installment of Suits Season 6. But, he is not the only one who might walk down the aisle when Suits Season 6 returns with final six episodes.

Suits Season 6B Couples

So, here are the potential three couples who are likely to get married before Season 7.

Louis And Tara

The new season of Suits brought a new love interest for Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). Tara Messer is an architect who already has a boyfriend. But Louis is shown attracted to Tara and Donna helps him a lot to win Tara’s heart.  Moreover, when Louis lies to Tara about his lavish apartment, initially, she is hurt but later forgives Louis. She realizes that Louis loves her and they also sleep together.

The midseason finale ends with a big revelation that Louis learns about Tara’s pregnancy. Despite knowing the fact that the unborn baby does not belong to Louis, he proposes to Tara.  Although it did not reveal whether they will get married soon, it has dropped a hint on a potential upcoming wedding of these two. Nonetheless, this is just a possibility.

Mike And Rachel

Season 5 of Suits kept the wedding of Rachel Zane and Mike Ross on hold. As Mike Ross was held guilty of committing the fraud, he faced two years of imprisonment. As a result, the two could not take the wedding vows and the wedding was cancelled.

When Suits Season 6 returned, it focused on Mike Ross’s life in prison. It was only in the mid-season finale when Rachel Zane and Mike Ross was finally reunited. The reunion between the two lovers drops a clue that they might reconsider the decision of getting married.

Hence, Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) and Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) might tie the knot and get married in Suits Season 6B. Nonetheless, this is also just another possibility.


Source: Facebook/Suits

Harvey And Donna

Harvey Specter’s secretary Donna Paulson is more than just a friend for him. She is like his well-wisher and his adviser. In Suits Season 6, Donna did not just help Harvey in his tough times, she also reached out to Louis Litt when he needed her advice in his love relationship.

Harvey and Donna never appeared romantically interested in each other. But the Season 6 mid-season finale end shot drops a clue for a budding romance.

In the mid-season finale, Harvey holds Donna’s hand and the episode ends. Perhaps, this is a clue that in Suits Season 6B, fans may see Harvey and Donna walking the aisle. Nonetheless, this is just a speculation and nothing is officially revealed yet.

Suits Season 6B is set to return on Jan 25, 2017.

Photo Source: Facebook/Suits