Sherlock Season 4: Is Toby Jones’ Culverton Smith Working with Jim Moriarty?

Sherlock season 4 will be premiering next year and mark the return of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. The first three seasons showed Sherlock’s brilliance while solving cases. And the upcoming season might make things a bit difficult.

A lot has been said about the upcoming season of Sherlock. And going by the promo, the show is choosing to go for a darker theme for the probable final season.

Now, a new villain in the form of Toby Jones’ Culverton Smith is all set to appear. So, will he prove to be a major threat to Sherlock and his associates?

There are many ways with which Smith could prove to be a menace to Sherlock and one such way would be an association with Moriarty. Jim Moriarty allegedly died but his presence was hinted on the show. Given a possibility that he could be alive, here are some reasons why Smith could be working with Sherlock’s nemesis.


Smith might be planning a major international conspiracy that could lead to the death of some high profile citizens. Sherlock on the other hand would probably get roped in for the same reason by his older brother Mycroft and thus putting him in Smith’s way.

Since Sherlock will be a nuisance, Smith will look into having him eliminated from his way.


Image source: YouTube/BBC


In order to effectively remove Sherlock from his way, Culverton Smith will look into tearing him apart from within. Family history, relationships and equations with others everything will be taken into consideration and that is when the connection with Moriarty could be revealed.

Once Smith comes to know about Moriarty and Sherlock’s equation, the former could re-enter the scenario easily.

Common Motive

Since Sherlock is an enemy of both, if Moriarty is revealed to be alive, he and Smith could join forces to bring down Sherlock together. Moriarty alone was powerful enough to make Sherlock twice.

With a legendary villain like Culverton too in the scene, it would become quite easy for the two to destroy Sherlock.

Death Of A Close Associate

If someone close to Sherlock dies, it would be quite clear that both the villains are working together. Out of all the associates, Mary could be the one who could meet her end and that could devastate both Sherlock and John Watson.

Slash Film reported that a new clip was recently released that showed Sherlock and Watson sitting in an apartment filled with water. In a serious theme, there were no words spoken but just a shot of the two sitting there.

Sherlock season four will air on Jan. 1 next year.

Photo source: YouTube/BBC