Selena Gomez’s Ex Justin Bieber the Real Cause of Her Downfall?

Selena Gomez is now in a place where a celebrity like her is not expected to stay – a rehabilitation facility. Who would ever think that the social media star with 100 million Instagram followers will end up in such a facility? Her blossoming acting and singing career and her popularity that soared high after a short span of time are a source of envy of stars her age.

But the truth is that the former Disney star has taken a break from her career to focus on her health. Her autoimmune disease is causing her to be mentally unstable. What are the chances that the actress can bounce back in life and her career?


Her lupus is causing her fatigue, skin rashes and joint pains. However, she was able to hide her ailment from the public eye. It is only this year that her true condition was revealed. She canceled the Australian leg of her tour and entered The Meadows recovery center in Arizona.

She was rumored to be hooked on prescription drugs, which her representative denied. Her disease and her tumultuous relationship with the Baby singer were more than she can handle.

Justin Bieber’s publicized relationship with Sofia Richie added insult to her injury. Undeniably, her loss still hurts, and seeing him with another girl has affected her health immensely. She used to worry about her on-and-off boyfriend. At the same time, she is loaded with work, so her health has deteriorated.

Her decision to focus on her health at this time is the best decision she has made so far. Gomez’s family, including her grandparents, who cared for her when she was young, were disturbed with her present state of health.

According to her granddad, Ricardo Gomez, 61, her work and her worry for Justin Bieber diminished her resistance to sickness. Adding to the depression of the actress is the death of her best friend, Christina Grimmie, who was shot dead in Orlando, Florida, as per The Sun.


She mourned the death of her friend. And not long after, she posted on her Instagram account that she felt unconnected and unreal to herself and her music. This has caused fans to worry.

Her grandfather added that Selena still loves Justin Bieber but does not want to be with him because of his womanizing ways. Although she wants to be with him, she was hopeless because he has already turned his eyes toward other girls.

Selena Gomez needs to recuperate both physically and emotionally. Hopefully her stay at the retreat facility will help her regain her zest for life.

Photo Source: Facebook/Selena Gomez