See the video on Beam Broadcasting for Xbox One and Windows 10

Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, showcases broadcasting through Beam on both Xbox One and Windows 10. He uses Minecraft on the Xbox One as an example, and walks through step by step how to set up broadcasting, including chat.

About Beam Broadcasting on Xbox One and Windows 10

Microsoft purchased Twitch competitor Beam a few months ago, and since the start-up streaming company has moved up to Redmond to work more closely to integrate their innovative platform with Xbox and Windows.

Beam defeats Twitch in a number of ways. Beam features incredibly low latency between the streamer and the chat panel, and also, Beam streamers can add buttons to their stream to allow viewers to interact directly with the video.

Beam Broadcasting

Citing the popularity of streaming, the Windows 10 Creators Update will integrate Beam directly into Windows 10 and Xbox One in early 2017, allowing users to stream straight from the Game Bar using Windows + G.

Players will gain access to a panel overlay, showing Beam chat, viewers and more. While no mention was made of this coming to Xbox One, during the event, we can now confirm that similar integration features will also come to Xbox One. Broadcasts from Beam will also trend on Xbox Live on the app, and on the Xbox dashboard, allowing users to jump directly into the stream chat from their console.

Microsoft Central gives an overview and has announced that Beam Broadcasting will be directly integrated into the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms going forward.