See ‘The Spike-Covered Walker’ Scene from The Walking Dead

On The Walking Dead, Rick is pushed into a pit in the Heaps to battle a spike-covered walker – see the scene in the video clip below.
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The Spike-Covered Walker on The Walking Dead

We haven’t quite seen anything like this on The Walking Dead before, as the walkers have always been enough of a threat on their own without sharp accessories entering into it. Negan has made a point of using walkers-on-stakes as a form of protection on the outer perimeter of his Sanctuary, but that’s not at all the same as a mobile stab-factory. Whoever is responsible for giving this walker his new look, it’s clear a distinct plan was in mind.

Spike Covered Walker

After all, it would be one thing to spend all that time outfitting the walker with all that pointiness and leaving it at that. But this crafty weapon aficionado also applied the spike-covered helmet to the walker’s head, meaning it would be that much harder for a human survivor to put the undead threat down for good. You could probably just chop it’s feet off and keep it stationary, but then you’d have to worry about accidentally falling on top of it. This truly is the perfect weapon. (Not really.)

Comic fans know that there is a point when Negan and his crew do utilize walkers for weaponry goals in their war against Rick’s group, but it’s done in a much different manner on the page. Those villains obviously aren’t ruled out as the ones responsible here, since Spike (and maybe others) could be an additional maneuver on their part, to go on top of how they did things in the source material. Or maybe it’s that mystery person that was following Rick and the others around; perhaps this is a test of some kind. Additionally, maybe this walker is the product of Michonne or another good guy, meant to throw the Saviors off.
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