See the Scandal – Gladiator TV Show Promos Here

With Scandal set to return Thursday, January 26th on ABC, a series of Gladiator promotional videos have been released – see them below!


Changing lives and slaying dragons isn’t for the faint of heart. Landing a job at Olivia Pope & Associates is a demanding, high-tension, fast-paced experience… and that’s just the interview.

Quinn vents after Olivia tasks the gladiators with a challenging new assignment. Meanwhile, Marcus interviews a last-minute job applicant for whom the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

On their first day of Gladiator School, the interns quickly learn that there is no learning curve at Olivia Pope & Associates. It’s eyes forward, ears open, mouths shut… and keep up.

Being a quick-thinking problem-solver is a sure way to get noticed at Olivia Pope & Associates. But as the baby gladiators discover, independent thought has both its rewards and its perils.

Beating traffic and working uninterrupted are just two benefits of starting in the wee hours of the morning. But for one intern, early to bed and early to rise also makes for a big surprise.

And you thought the interview was tough! Huck charges himself with conducting a performance evaluation, proving once again that at Olivia Pope & Associates there is more than one way out the door.