See the captivating teaser video for the movie Logan

In this promo video for Logan, a new, mildly gruesome clip puts the surgical spotlight on Dafne Keen’s Laura, more commonly known to comic book fans as X- 23. The footage, first released on Twitter by director James Mangold, shows the harsh experimentation she endures as her abilities painfully emerge.

In the comics, X-23 is the product of a secret organization’s attempts to create a clone of Wolverine. As such, she has healing capabilities and an adamantium skeleton like Logan, with a few nuances — she has two metal claws in each hand instead of three, and one stashed away in each foot.

Much of this holds true in Logan. Shown in the bloody clip below, it doesn’t seem like she’s the only child experiment.

Logan, starring Hugh Jackman in his final stint as the titular hero, takes place in a near future where mutants have largely become extinct. Wolverine is living off the grid as he cares for an ailing Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) in a hideout at the Mexican border, but his solitary life is shattered when he crosses paths with Laura, who’s being pursued by a man named Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and his henchmen, The Reavers.

Logan opens in theaters March 3.