See the Bon Appétit Video by Katy Perry ft. Migos

Watch Katy Perry get cooked into a meal in the video for her new song Bon Appétit. #KatyPerry

Katy Perry Bon Appetit

Directed by Dent De Cuir, the video, featuring rap group Migos, starts with Katy Perry laying under saran wrap in a freezer. She is grabbed by several chefs who then throw her into a giant vat of flour where she is massaged with the substance.

Next, Katy is put onto a wooden cutting board where she is covered in all sorts of vegetables before being dumped into a fryer. Eventually, she is served in a restaurant, but then she gets up to do a dance on a stripper pole!

The video also follows the evolution of Katy‘s hair into her new pixie cut.