Scandal, Season 6, Is Getting A Bit Ridiculous

The second episode of Season 6 of Scandal, entitled “Hardball,” consists of many flashbacks to the campaign trail … but the episode is so poorly edited that it is sometimes hard to tell which scene is a flashback and which is in “present” time.

A review of Scandal

In this clip, Marcus and Mellie are about to kiss on the baseball field:

Since the episode was so poorly edited, it was hard to tell the timeline under which this scene happened. But this baseball field scene was so out of place with the rest of the show. And how would it even be possible for a presidential candidate be alone with another person in such a public place? Also, when the scene is shown on TV of the actual first pitch at a Washington Nationals game, it appears this happens after the election, which takes place in November – a month in which there is no more baseball!

In this clip, Mellie (Bellamy Young) reveals her feelings to Olivia (Kerry Washington) about Marcus (Cornelius Smith, Jr.):

The show is like a broken record. It seems every time the characters are facing some dilemma, particularly Olivia, they stop to have a drink of wine (in the super-big wine glasses, of course!) and talk so quickly at each other as if the writers need to hurry and get through the scene to get on to the next ridiculous event – like when Quinn and Charlie have their fake FBI coats on at the site of the blown-up house, find a burnt computer only to have it taken away in a cardboard box by the FBI … which, of course, leads the gladiators to break into the FBI offices to retrieve that same computer! And not only do they break in, they do so while Olivia is having drinks with the FBI Director, in a scene that is far too painful to watch. It’s also hard to watch as Kerry Washington wears big clothes and jackets to hide her preganancy.

In this clip, Olivia (Kerry Washington) receives new evidence to begin the investigation into Cyrus and brings it to Fitz (Tony Goldwyn):

Now I don’t know about you, but I think there’s a million other things the President of the United States could be doing than standing around talking about whether the Attorney General (or FBI!) should investigate Cyrus Bean.

Which brings me to my final ridiculous point about Scandal – how is it that Mellie Grant, in the opposite party as the winning presidential candidate, would even remotely have a chance to still be the President?

Shonda Rhimes, Scandal’s show-runner, is quoted as saying this about Season 6: “Because of the way we laid out this season, we really do have this beautiful way of telling this season this year where we’re really stepping back in time and going forward in time and seeing things from different characters’ perspectives. It’s not really about crazy things happening to the characters, it’s about where they come to after all this time … It’s very different from any other season we’ve had, so I can’t really judge it against what we’ve done before or what we may do.”

Seems to me they may spend the entire season with a painfully slow ending to the presidency of Fitzgerlad Grant.

For those that still want to watch, Scandal airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.