On Reign, watch the special promo videos for Season 4

On Reign, our three favorite queens are back in action, doing what they do best: wearing gorgeous gowns, plotting for power, and straight-up murdering people. Reign season 4 wastes no time in reminding us why we love this show: queens dressing down people who are beneath them and anything that Catherine does. It also quickly reminds us of some of its problems, like all the talk (so much talk!) about religious alliances. Less talk, more action, Reign. We’re coming to the end, so let’s make these last few episodes as outrageous and wonderful as possible.

As history tells us, Mary meets her demise at Elizabeth’s hand at a much later time than where the series currently is. Reign hasn’t always felt the need to stick to the history books, though, so maybe they’ll take some license in how they deal with Mary, Elizabeth, and Catherine at the end of the season.

As it stands now, our three queens are all attempting to stay in power in their respective countries.

Reign Season 4

About Reign

Hidden between the lines of the history books is the story of Mary Stuart, the young woman the world would come to know as Mary, Queen of Scots. The teenage Mary is already a headstrong monarch – beautiful, passionate and poised at the very beginning of her tumultuous rise to power.

Reign also introduces us to another royal court, that of Elizabeth, “Virgin” Queen of England. Still early in her reign, Elizabeth faces opposition on all sides, particularly from men who doubt a woman’s ability to rule. Like Mary, and Catherine de Medici, she struggles to hold onto power and love; the women have much in common, and Mary and Elizabeth are reluctant foes, but foes nonetheless, each positioned by birth and fate to destroy all the other holds dear. Starring Adelaide Kane, Torrance Coombs, Megan Follows, Rachel Skarsten, and Anna Popplewell.

Reign airs on Fridays at 9/8c on The CW.

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