Prison Break Season 5: Plot Details Revealed with Involvement of Yemeni Government and ISIS

Prison Break Season 5 Major Updates Ahead

Prison Break Season 5, the most popular series on Fox Television, is getting revived and most likely be released during spring of 2017. This has made the fans ecstatic who were waiting anxiously for the arrival of the new season. To add to their delight, Season 5 will bring many surprises for them through a new and astonishing plot.

According to Game n Guide, the Prison Break fans will be positively surprised to find Michael Scofield behind bars. It is also revealed that some of the old cast will also grace the screen. In addition, they will help Lincoln organize a plan to assist Michael with the prison break. It is also very likely that season 5 will bring together new conspiracies and take it to whole new level.

Prison Break

Prison Break Season 5 gets more Interesting with ISIS and Yemeni Government Involvement

Prison Break Season 5 Brings in ISIS

The show’s production team, including Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, have closed the plot under tight wraps and refuse to divulge any information on it. Here is what first appeared from Fox on the Prison Break Season 5.

Prison Break

The rumor mills are working overtime to speculate that Michael is a target for both the Yemeni Government and ISIS which compels him to fake his death to get clear of the radar. He was helped by Robert Knepper playing the notorious T-Bag.  In his endeavor to contact his brother Lincoln, Michael has no choice but to use the network the untrustworthy T-Bag has in the Yemeni Prison. This might not ease the fact the ISIS will be behind the brother and their gang.

Prison Break Season 5 has certainly a lot to offer and it will surely be a phenomenal one. Till then enjoy this teaser.

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