Pokemon GO Secret: Developer Niantic Is Hiding a Dirty Little Secret in Their Game

Players looking for the Pokemon GO secrets might have to look further because the developers hinted that there’s a lot of them.

Pokemon GO is a game that’s full of surprises. Fans will never know what kind of Pokemon is lurking around the corner. Fans that just started playing the game will still have a lot of fun looking for common critters around their area. But for seasoned Pokemon hunters, they might be up for more of a challenge. And that challenge is looking for the elusive Pokemon GO secrets! According to Niantic CEO John Hanke, there will always be secrets in the game … and that his team is always adding new secrets in the game, Hanke said in an interview by Games Radar.

There will always be new Pokemon GO secrets being added to the game and no one has found any yet.

The same report also pointed out that one secret might have something to do with the Pokemon Ditto. But it seems that the shape-shifting Pokemon has been in the game for a long time, so it’s not exactly considered as a Pokemon GO secret. When the Niantic CEO was asked about hints of what this secret might be, he replied that he will not give any clues. Unfortunately, it looks like Pokemon GO players will have to find out for themselves.


Some sources speculate that a Pokemon GO secret might lie within the recent Halloween event update. Since the CEO mentioned that they are constantly adding new secrets then, that update might have included new ones. After all, the same source mentioned that there had been over a billion ghost Pokemon that were caught during Halloween.


The Pokemon GO secrets could be anywhere.

And there might be hidden Pokemon GO secret ghost types that are yet to be unearthed. Who knows, one might be lurking in someone’s backyard this very moment! However, players should make sure that they stay in their backyard and not invade their neighbors’. We wouldn’t want Niantic Labs to get into any legal issues again.

Photo Source: Twitter/Pokemon Go featured, Twitter/Pokemon GO image 1, Twitter/Pokemon GO image 2