‘Pokémon Go’ Is Nintendo’s Savior!

The “Pokémon GO” fever heightens the craze temperature by the day. Since it was launched, the world was never the same again. Nintendo is smiling because of the hype.

Nintendo lost enormous money when it gambled on the Wii U in 2012. The expected revenue that it will return back to the company was not achieved. It was a flop. It was pulled down by giant competitors like Microsoft and Sony.

The bleak performance of Nintendo revealed a revenue fall of 8% and its profits plunged by about 60%. When Nintendo released “Pokemon GO,” everything became sunny and promising for the company. It has initially experienced a downside.

Because of the high demand of gamers upon launch last summer, the company server bogged down, making the game unavailable. According to Macquarie analyst David Gibson, it wass a good sign as long as the problem was just momentary.

“Pokémon GO” made Nintendo stocks soar high in the first few days of its release. The Japanese company experienced a 25% increase of its stocks and raked in $7 billion into the coffers of the company.

Smartphone users can explore their surroundings for possible Pokemon characters. It uses augmented reality where images are layered on top of the real world using the phone’s camera capabilities.  Players are forced to go out to find the virtual Pokemon characters. They are into physical exercise. They have to roam the streets and places to find one.

There were reports saying that the game increases the safety risks of players. Gamers become so engrossed on the game that they fall on the sidewalks. There are possibilities that they may meet accidents by focusing on their phones rather than on the highways. Unscrupulous individuals can use the game to entice a player to go to a certain area only to be robbed or worse, killed.

There are also issues on the invasion of privacy because reportedly, “Pokémon GO” can access personal emails. Players’ locations can also be known whenever they are playing.

Weighing on the pros and cons, it always pays to be cautious and vigilant. The “Pokémon GO” hype is on. Try it to understand why people are crazy about it.

Source: Forbes