No Corsets for Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast Remake

Moviegoers will have to wait for just a few more months before they will be able to watch Emma Watson and Dan Stevens starrer Beauty and the Beast remake in 2017. Well, everyone has heard the story several times. Movies lovers have also already watched the previous movie made on the fairy tale romance. How is Beauty and the Beast Remake different?

Changes in Storyline 

Beauty and the Beast Remake is also the story of an arrogant prince. After an old woman put a curse on him, he transformed into an ugly looking creature. He can break the curse for sure but he can do it only by true love. Somebody would have to truly fall in love with him before all the petals of the magical rose die. If prince fails to find true love before the given time, he would stay looking like a beast forever.

The work on the making of the 2017 film reportedly started in 2015 at the Shepperton Studios. It has been reported that the storyline of the movie will stick to the reference material by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. But the audience will see that there is an interesting backstory for Belle in Beauty and the Beast Remake. She invents a washing machine so that she could take out time to read.

The movie will feature the original soundtrack of the first film. But some new tracks will also be present in the movie.

Beauty and the Beast

Bella’s Dress in Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Emma Watson has revealed that enacting scenes while she had worn corset was not a good experience. Corsets restricted her movement, reports Inquisitr. So she cooperated with the designer of Beauty and the Beast Remake to get some comfortable clothes designed for her. The clothes she flaunts in the movie are functional and also fitting for a fairy tale romance. No doubt fans are eagerly waiting for the movie to release.

Beauty and the Beast Remake will reach the theaters on March 17, 2017.

 Photo source: Facebook