Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce Rumors: Scientology’s Involvement

Nicole Kidman is one of the prettiest and most pristine actresses across the globe. She is also one of the most envied women in the world. Well, why not? She is very successful, extremely wealthy, beautiful and sexy as ever, and has a wonderful family of four. However, recent rumors are saying that the last on the list may actually be in jeopardy.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are high-profile celebrities who have managed to keep their family life private. Many of their fans see them as a happy couple, especially when they released a car video of them singing along with one of Keith Urban’s songs.

A-List Couple Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

The  couple celebrated their 10th year anniversary on June 25, 2016. However, divorce rumors started to pop up after their 10th year milestone – about the same length of time before the marriage of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck lasted.

However, unlike Garner and Affleck’s marriage, the divorce rumor concerning Kidman and Urban do not involve any third party. Well, at least, no third party person.

Scientology’s Involvement

According to a report by HNGN, Scientology is a big part in the rumored separation. It was not made known which religious sector Keith Urban is part of. But recent reports say that he is involved with Scientology. The famous sector is also where Kidman’s ex-husband, Tom Cruise, is heavily involved with.

Kidman is a passionate Catholic which also put some pressure on her previous marriage. Urban is reportedly not as active as Cruise in Scientology. But Kidman obviously does not want to be part of or involved in any way with the religious sector.

However, no announcements nor confirmations have been made yet from any of the parties involved. It would really be devastating if Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban go through with a divorce.

Photo Source: Facebook/Nicole Kidman