Miley Cyrus: The Voice Judge Posts Acceptance of Trump

Miley Cyrus, one of Hillary Clinton’s courageous supporters, has opened up about the victory of Donald Trump – accepting but hurting.

She posted a Facebook Live update accepting the newly-elected president. The singer addressed her Happy Hippies Foundation supporters and told them to “adjust and accept everyone for who they are.”

Miley Accepts Donald Trump

She also added, “And so Donald Trump I accept you. And this hurts to say, but I even accept you as a President of the United States, and that’s fine.” Despite her statement, she still insisted that she still supports Hillary Clinton.


She said that she felt sad for her candidate because Clinton has fought so long and has given her life to make America better. The former Disney star ended with an appeal to Donald Trump to treat people with respect, compassion, love and equality. She promised to give back, too.

Eating Up Her Words Again

Liam Hemsworth’s fiancée has had to address statements she declared during the presidential campaign as per Morning News USA. Just like the rest of the celebrities who vowed to move out of the U.S. if Trump wins, Miley Cyrus is now accepting Trump instead. Amy Schumer, Barbra Streisand, Samuel Jackson, Lena Dunham and many more might reconsider leaving the U.S. shores as well.

The Voice judge did a room to room campaign in a university campus dorm in support of Clinton. She wore a  customized gown that has the colors of the U.S. flag as posted on her Instagram account.


More on Miley Cyrus, she is engaged to be married to Liam Hemsworth. However, their relationship is quite unsure due to their individual differences. But the Wrecking Ball singer still wears her engagement ring. She says she is not a fan of it but wears the ring because of her fiancé.

Photo Source: Instagram/Miley Cyrus