Meet Kyle West and Megan Morrison, the main characters on the new E! show The Arrangement

On The Arrangement, TV actress Megan Morrison is offered a $10 million marriage contract with Kyle West, Hollywood’s biggest star.” Meet the two lead characters in the videos below! #TheArrangement

About The Arrangement

A young actress, Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista), auditions to play the female lead in a high profile film opposite action star Kyle West (Josh Henderson). But her Cinderella story takes an unexpected turn when she meets Terrence Anderson (Michael Vartan), the leader of the self-help organization the Institute of The Higher Mind, and is then presented with a contract that will change her life.

The Arrangement

The Arrangement Season 1 is the kickoff of a much anticipated and hyped up TV show that has captured the attention of all media since May, 2016. When the first trailer was released, people immediately got curious about the main plotline. A darkish drama about a somewhat naïve young actress entering a world of show business where everything is not what it seems. Everyone expects this young talented girl to collaborate on a new movie with a super star male actor, but when she makes it through the tryouts, she receives a new offer… Ten million dollars for signing a contract that will completely change her life, a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. However, she will have to lie and she will have to break many rules in order to earn her money!

With an immense pressure on her shoulders she starts her game of love, passion, and betrayal sucking in the whirlpool of intrigues all her friends, enemies, and even strangers. This is a story where everyone starts slowly showing their true selves and start slipping up while hiding behind public masks.

Take a look into Kyle’s life as Hollywood’s golden boy and see the real monster inside:

See how the actress Megan Morrison’s life will change forever after meeting superstar Kyle West:

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