Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Going Their Separate Ways

Did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom call it quits on their relationship? The excitement of fans everywhere when the two started dating suddenly comes to a full stop. The Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and pop star artist made for a great couple, but not a great marriage.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Over

After dating for 10 months, Perry and Bloom are saying goodbye to their romance. But the couple did not end on a harsh note. In fact, according to reports, they ended their relationship on the best of terms.

After Halloween, Orlando confessed to his friends that he was making a move towards ending the relationship with Perry, cites Express. It looks like he was not ready to settle down. Other sources claim that it was Perry who called the whole thing off.

Perry and Bloom Make a Great Couple

The two, who are closely under the watch of the media, fit under the description of a fun couple. The two would go to beaches and parties. They were always looking into each others eyes, too.

The Perry-Bloom couple were always having fun at concerts. Or even taking a walk out on the town making everybody else jealous.

Perry and Bloom not Great in Marriage

However, Bloom already has a son to take care of. After his divorce with Miranda Kerr, he still dotes on the young boy. His boy is already five years old.

Being a father to one is apparently already a done deal with Bloom. And as he still has parental duties towards one kid, he may not be open to having another just yet.

Plus, fans of the Roar singer are anxious about her upcoming songs. If she is going to get married, does that mean her lyrics are going to take a different turn?

Will the pop icon stop singing about rainbows and butterflies? Will her lyrics have babies and carriages?

With Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom already on different paths, there is no telling if they are going to get back together. Maybe fans can find out how she really feels about the break up in her next song.

Photo Source: Facebook/KatyPerry