Katy Perry goes to Oblivia in the Chained To The Rhythm Video ft. Skip Marley

Katy Perry takes her viewers for a trip to Oblivia in the music video for her latest single “Chained To The Rhythm” featuring Skip Marley. Watch the video below! #KatyPerry #ChainedToTheRhythm

The video starts out by showing our world being comparable to an amusement park- this one is called Oblivia, alluding to the idea that we are all oblivious to the conspiracy in front of us:
Katy Perry Oblivia
Next we see the message of “The Greatest Ride in the Universe”- suggesting this life is indeed a ride of distraction and manipulation. We can start to see the idea of the world as an illusion. In case you didn’t know; Katy is specifically calling out America in this video; with the symbolism of the American dream being an illusion to get people to pursue; only to be let down by the elitists.

Here we can see specific jabs against President Donald Trump. Katy has the fence associated with the controversial immigration plan. There are even messages about upcoming war (including a nuclear holocaust cotton candy) and the expansion of the military industrial complex. We also see the fire water which is associated with the fracking practices.

There is a literal hamster wheel with a line of sheep ready to get on, and that one of the theme park lines had a countdown clock that started at 1984 in the video- which I found amusing since Orwell’s infamous 1984 novel is referenced so often when considering dystopian/utopian futures of societal control.

The video culminates with Skip Marley speaking his message to the masses and Katy Perry is the chosen one who understands it…and she stops running on the hamster wheel.

Official video for “Chained to the Rhythm” by Katy Perry, directed by Mathew Cullen (who also helmed the videos for “Dark Horse” and “California Gurls”), produced by Danny Lockwood, Rob Newman, Ben Leiser & Javier Jaminez; filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, “The Thrill Capital of the World”, January 2017.