Kanye West Released From Hospital, Will Kim Kardashian Be Able to Handle Him Being Back Home?

Kanye West was rushed to an emergency room after a concert meltdown during his Saint Pablo Tour on Nov. 21, 2016. After  a week at the hospital, they released him on Tuesday. Doctors found him responding well to medications.

He was undergoing treatment at the Neuropsychiatric department of the UCLA Medical Center. West almost froze on stage in the middle of a concert in Sacramento. It was after he had performed three songs. He became dysfunctional and they rushed him to the hospital.

Is Kanye West Paranoid?

The doctors put the 39-year-old rapper on medications. He was also under strict medical supervision as he was emotionally unstable. West was under high stress due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion. He appeared to be fearful and suspicious of everyone around and trusted only his wife.

Allegedly, West felt scared about his own safety and appeared to sense some threat to his relationship with Kim Kardashian. He had expressed fear that people were out to get him and ruin his relationship.

Kanye Released From Hospital

Kanye West was never happy at the hospital and wanted to go home. He wanted to be with Kim and their kids. Apparently, staying at the hospital made him lonely, reveals Extra TV.

Kim Kardashian is worried for West, as his behavior had turned abnormal. He had expressed strange fears where he appeared to trust no one except her.  He will now be under the care of Kardashian and personal physician Dr. Michael Farzam.

Trouble Brewing Between the Couple?

Rumors have it that the reality TV star was unable to live with West and his erratic behavior.

Allegedly, their spats were upsetting the rapper. Apparently, he had trouble sleeping. This kept him awake all night in a disturbed state. According to reports, the couple is always bickering as she found him despicable to live with.

Kim and Kanye

Not Out of the Woods Yet?

Even though they discharged Kanye West from the hospital, his condition still needs monitoring. He needs medical and psychiatric care for some time before they can give him a clean bill of heath.

There is a lot happening in the West Household, according to reports, and what happened to West may just be the tip of the iceberg. Watch this space for updates on the rapper’s health.

Photo Source: Facebook