Kaley Cuoco: Unknown Facts About The Big Bang Theory Star And Her Life

Kaley Cuoco carried her cheerful and bubbly personality through The Big Bang Theory. It is true that she touched many hearts along the journey of the show.

Kaley Cuoco has grabbed eyeballs all the way. From her sensational social media posts to bold images of PDAs with her equestrian boyfriend, she seems to love being in the public eye.

Yet, life has not been a bed of roses for her. Did she look for quick love on the rebound after her bitter divorce? 

The Many Men in her Life

Kaley Cuoco’s personal life has been a wet blanket of sorts. Allegedly, her marriage to Tennis ace Ryan Sweeting ended in a bitter divorce.  All through the marriage, Cuoco had experienced emotionally trying times.

To find solace through her bad relationship, did she have a fling too fast with Arrow Star Paul Backthrone?  Was The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki an old flame? Did the dormant passion ignite post her breakup with Sweeting?

Country Singer Sam Hunt also figured on Cuoco’s interesting yet fleeting amorous journey. For now, it appears her comfort level is with Karl Cook. Their common love for horseback riding and equestrian sport has kept her interest longer, reveals Nicki Swift.


Kaley Cuoco Has Impulsive Nature To Blame?

Kaley Cuoco’s marriage to Ryan Sweeting lasted 21 months. After their marriage ended amid high drama, Sweeting made his acrimony public. He had erased all social media posts and images with Kaley. On top of it all,  he unfriended her.

Was Kaley too impulsive in her marriage ? She married Sweeting after dating him for a mere six months. Was that period adequate to take an important step in one’s relationship? The couple were unhappy and it led to a dramatic divorce. 

Reasons for Shallow Relationships

Hasty decisions in significant matters in her life  may have contributed to fleeting relationships. According to reports, Kaley Cuoco is a party animal. In the past, she had crazy party and heavy drinking routines. Apparently, her excessive partying many times without her wedding ring on had put a strain on her relationship with Sweeting. 

Strange Ways To Hog Attention

What was Cuoco thinking when she posted a picture of her dog sitting on the American flag placed on the ground? Though she may have intended it as something funny, it led to a huge controversy. The media simply ripped her apart and she had to render an apology for her disrespectful and frivolous post on the nation’s flag.

Does the 30-year-old Cuoco need to grow up to get a better grip on her life ?

Photo Source : Facebook/The Big Bang Theory