Introducing Game Mode for Windows 10

Game Mode is a new Windows 10 feature arriving with the Creators Update, designed to help provide the best and most consistent gaming performance on your Windows 10 PC.

“Project Helix” is the codename for an effort by Microsoft to streamline the development chain between Xbox One, Windows 10, and there is also “Project Scorpio,” which is the next Xbox One. Project Helix will take the form of the Scorpio development kit, which Microsoft hopes will power all Windows 10-based game development.

Game Mode, it appears, is a feature that streamlines variations between Xbox consoles and PCs, making sure as many Windows 10 systems as possible can run games to the standards set by the Xbox One and Project Scorpio. Microsoft describes those “target” standards as 900p to 1080p resolution for Xbox One and 4K resolution with 60 frames per second for Project Scorpio, and we’ve received evidence to suggest that the Xbox One already utilizes “Game Mode” in games developed for the Universal Windows Platform.