How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Midseason Finale Spoilers: Frank to Die Soon? Annalise Furious With Bonnie?

Will there be a  glimmer of hope for Annalise in the Shondaland TV series, as the plot thickens, creating more suspense in How To Get Away With Murder?

The winter finale, titled Who’s Dead?, contributes to igniting the imagination of viewers. It was something the showrunners envisioned all along to create enough suspense for the fans.

Season 3 of HTGAWM will soon have its mid run finale for the crime series. The plot getting mysterious and intriguing, as terror-inducing scenes come up when least expected with every passing day!

What ‘No More Blood’ Aimed To Do

Did viewers get the impression that it is all going to be glad tidings hereafter with the episode 8 title?  Agreed, there was nothing short of heated intense arguments between Annalise and Frank in the episode that went by. Viewers were led to believe that the bad phase is over and would signal the beginning of better things.

But for Annalise, it made no meaning as her life had turned out to be a swirl of negative events.

Annalise In Prison, Loathes Bonnie?

Annalise’s arrest did not surprise many viewers, especially the ones who kept guessing what could possibly be in store for Annalise Keating,  the astute lawyer and mentor of Keating 5.

But now, the tables have turned and Annalise is languishing in a cell. She seems to recapitulate the events about what went wrong. Bonnie tries to make Annalise understand that she was not the person responsible for her arrest.  This falls on deaf ears as Annalise is in no mood to believe Bonnie.

What Is In Store? Spoilers Ahead

How to Get Away with Murder is only going to get murkier here on.  The episode Who’s Dead? gives more clues that somebody important is going to die in the upcoming episodes.

There was an earlier episode full of suspense where Frank and Annalise had a showdown. Frank had threatened to shoot himself. Annalise had encouraged him to do so. Will Frank carry out the threat?

The midseason finale episode Who’s Dead? is going to be a significant chapter in everyone’s life in How to Get Away With Murder.

Is it Frank or someone else who is going to face their end ? Watch the promo below:

Photo Source :Facebook/How To Get Away With Murder