GTA 5: Skyrim Special Edition, New Vehicle, Deadline Mode, Fixes & More

The new GTA 5 Deadline Mode and Shotaru Bike have already gone live on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

A little insight into the new additions to Grand Theft Auto 5:

Nagasaki Shotaro

The new vehicle added is Nagasaki Shotaro. It can be unlocked in the new Deadline Adversary mode. It can be purchased at Legendary Motorsport. One can pick up the Deadline outfit at any clothing store. Limited number of free Nagasaki Logo Tees are available for new Shotaro owners.

The new concept vehicle packs enough power to light up the Los Santos grid. Game Spot notes that it looks like it jumped out of the Tron trilogy

New Deadline Mode

In this mode, four players fight it out on their new Shotaros. Each Shotaro emits a light trail. If your opposition touches this light trail, it immediately explodes. Players have to move carefully and force other players to cross their trail path. Also one can use the power ups for a strategic advantage. Use boost to zoom ahead or slow down using zoned or hop to miss the trail.

Players can earn double GTA game money and RP till Nov. 21.

Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim Special Edition updated on PS4 and Xbox One. Some important issues that were fixed include:

  • NPCs not seen in some locations issue
  • Loading issue with interface elements
  • Saves listed as modded even if no mods are available

Alternate Start mod and the Open Cities update are available in the new Skyrim Special Edition mod. Alternate Start mod lets player start at a new place with its own story line. Open Cities mod makes each environment more natural.

Players need a account for playing the different mods available. 1 GB of modding data is available for PS4, while XBox One users get 5GB limit.

Photo Source: Facebook/Grand Theft Auto V