Grand Theft Auto 5 Single-Player DLC Arrives Soon : GTA 6 Postponed?

Avid fans continue to dream of a Grand Theft Auto 5 Single-Player DLC. But they must not fret as it could become a reality soon. Rockstar Games parent publisher Take-Two announced earlier that support to the massively popular open world adventure game will still flow until 2017.

A series of expansion pack sets have pleased gamers of GTA 5 since its release in 2013. However, they still fancy the Single-Player DLC to fall on their lap soon.

Delay in GTA 6 Development

With the recent announcement of Rockstar’s next big title, Red Dead Redemption 2, it appears that GTA 6 development still lies far on the horizon. But the game developer could not abandon the GTA 5 this early either.

Thus, game pundits believe that best thing is to ramp up sales sill on the current title with a single-player campaign support. This undoubtedly tops the wishlist of every hardcore fan of the game.


Grand Theft Auto 5 Single-Player DLC In The Works?

According to Neuro Gadget, rumors have swirled that the developer has plans to release a new DLC soon. This way, they can keep the players’ hands busy with the expansion. They still have months before the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, set for fall of next year, and GTA 6 a year or more after that.

Also, the GTA 5 Single-Player DLC can attract gamers who might have already left the franchise to return to the fold. As per iTech Post, this rumored expansion will see a release soon that would make a great surprise to its loyal fan base.

In the new single-player campaign, players can enjoy a host of new heists to explore. But not only that, it could also bring a continuity to the story of the game’s protagonists.

Grand Theft Auto

Facebook/Grand Theft Auto V

Moreover, it will definitely make a great addition to the game as gamers like to play more of their own character on single-player. Rockstar knows how players always have a thing for character customization. But the developer might not add mods to the single-player campaign to avoid exploits.

As of this writing, Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed the release of GTA 5 Single-Player DLC.

Photo Source: Facebook/Grand Theft Auto V