Grace VanderWaal Creates Another Record After Winning America’s Got Talent

Grace VanderWaal is on a spree of creating records and winning accolades after her epic America’s Got Talent 2016 win. The spunky full of beans 12-year-old has done herself proud with the release of a music video.

Perfectly Imperfect

Grace VanderWaal has released her debut music video Perfectly Imperfect. And now, she is garnering amazing views and praises from her fans.

This ukelele player is known to compose her own songs. Her performance won the most coveted America’s Got Talent Prize. She has made an impressive foray into the world of music with the most significant step. The music video is for her new original song, Perfectly Imperfect.

The specialty of this music video released takes viewers to behind the scenes showing Grace recording in the studio, Perez Hilton reported.


Another treat for fans,  there is a clip of her talking directly to them. In her candid chirpy chat with fans, VanderWaal is touched by the love and support from them. Then she thanks them immensely for making her proud.

Grace also speaks about her forthcoming short album. Perfectly Imperfect releases on December 2, 2016.

Another Taylor Swift?

Simon Cowell was not off the mark when he likened Grace VanderWaal to Taylor Swift. This is perhaps the best compliment the talented singer has received. As a result, it places immense promise and expectation on her.

The child prodigy taught herself to play the ukulele and writes her own songs, even at a tender age. Indeed, the girl has the Midas Touch. After her epic win at America’s Got Talent 2016, where she won hands down after garnering huge votes for her performance, has made remarkable progress in the industry.

The AGT was a huge stage and a big platform for this talented young artist to make a mark in music. Watching Grace VanderWaal perform, it appears she was made for music and will only get better in the future.

Watch this space for more updates on the success story of Grace VanderWaal.

Photo Source :Facebook