How to Get Away with Murder Will Re-Start on January 19; Reveals Wes’ Killer?

How to Get Away with Murder will continue Season 4 on January 19, 2017. However, everyone already knows what the upcoming episodes will include. The death of Wes Gibbins came as a surprise to fans. Now fans feel very much eager to know who killed their favorite character in the series.

When How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 ended earlier in the year, what hit the fans most was the unexpected death of Wes.  The final episode revealed that the person to die in the fire was none other than Wes Gibbins. The audience initially thought that Gibbins was one of the lead characters and hence he would not die.

Moreover, he developed a great chemistry with Annalise Keating, reports Game N Guide.  So, the viewers thought they will continue in the How to Get Away With Murder Season 4 as a couple.

Pete Nowalk Explains Decision to Kill Wes

Creator of the series Pete Nowalk recently explained his decision to kill the character of Wes. According to him, the mystery of who killed Wes is full of lots of twists and turns. The viewers will start getting answers only when How to Get Away with Murder returns in January 2017 for the fourth season.

The show creator stated that they would show what happened to Wes right from the start and how he ended up dead.


How to Get Away with Murder Season 4

How To Get Away With Murder Season 4 Synopsis

The previous season ended showing the half-charred body of Wes. Now in the upcoming season, the story will focus on investigating the murderer of Wes Gibbins. Annalise comes to know about the death of her favorite student from Nate. Immediately after that, the explosion burns her house to the ground.

The creators of the show have repeatedly shown that they are ready to take bold steps to keep the fans entertained. It also maintains a perfect balance of mystery and suspense. Now it would be interesting to watch How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episodes unravel the killer of Wes.

How to Get Away with Murder returns January 19, 2017.

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