How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Spoilers – What to Expect After Midseason Finale

Soon How to Get Away with Murder will finally reveal who the person under the sheet is. The winter finale is sure to be a shocker. The two people who could be dead are either Frank or Nate. However, the show became known for its crazy twists and hence, it could also be an unknown third, one that no one has considered.

Who Is Dead?

Last time fans saw Frank, he had his gun pointed at himself. As per TV Guide, Frank’s death would make the most sense from the perspective of storytelling. Annalise seems to be done with him since he was responsible for her son’s death. Laurel too has moved on romantically. Even Bonnie wants nothing to do with him.

However, it could also not be him who dies in How to Get Away with Murder. The main reason being that he would be the obvious choice. This is what makes it unlikely because the show loves doing something that no one ever suspects.


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Then, there is Nate. The reason he could be the dead person is that he is probably one of the most expendable people on the show. His death would not be that much of a shock though. However, this same reason makes his death unlikely as well. Plus, whoever died supposedly has a devastating effect on everyone else and if Nate died it would only affect Annalise.

The third guess is that it is someone else entirely. The people who are safe are Oliver, Laurel, Michaela and Asher. Laurel could still die but in the hospital. It could probably be Wes or Connor. Out of the two, Wes’ would really be a huge shock and impact all the characters.

As previously shown, there is someone dead on How To Get Away With Murder Season 3. The previous episodes have put everyone in the suspect box. In addition, each episode has shown at least one not-dead person under the sheet.

So, Who is Dead?

Finally, fans will get the answer to the most burning question Who’s dead? Moreover, this episode will also reveal the person’s identity under the sheet.

In the previous episodes, Keating 5 were shown disturbed after the death of a dear one. A furious professor Annalise Keating was shown having an argument with detective Nate Lahey. This was related to the clue she had received about ADA Renee Atwood, which causes a heated argument between Annalise and Nate.

How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers

How To Get Away With Murder season 3 winter finale finally reveals who is under the sheet. Is it Wes or Frank?


Till now, all the clues point to Wes and Connor (Jack Falahee), as they have not been spotted since the fire. Viola Davis, who plays Annalise Keating, told ABC Action News that they learned about the identity of the person under the sheet only a couple of episodes back.

She, however, did not reveal the name of the person. Also, she did not hint at the level of devastation. She also said that there are a lot more mysteries coming up. Bonnie is in a tell-all mood. She spills the beans about the victim’s identity to Asher Millstone, Oliver Hampton and Michaela Pratt.

It seems to be the most unsettling piece of news to Matt McGorry’s character as well as to Aja Naomi King’s character. They look in complete shock hearing the revelation.


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