Destiny 2: Game to Feature Two DLC Pack in 2017

Destiny players will apparently end the year with good cheer. Reports suggest that new content is on the way. Of course, the news is certainly welcome. There’s been no new content since the Rise of Iron DLC was released. The question now is how substantial this reported update is.

There’s no question that Destiny is a great game. However, it has also become notorious for the extended periods between expansions and downloadable content. This is definitely a problem, especially if Bungie wants to keep players invested in the game.

Players’ interests were piqued when a post from the game’s official blog teased gamers. According to it, Bungie will be headed to California after Thanksgiving for a top secret mission. The cryptic statement has prompted numerous fans to believe that the design team was headed to either The Games Awards or the PlayStation Experience event. There were even reports that Bungie and Activision will be announcing something Destiny related there.


Destiny 2

Is New Content Headed To Destiny?

While nothing has been confirmed, a recent tweet from DeeJ, Bungie’s community manager, certainly suggests that fans might be getting news about a new DLC soon. The Gamer’s Drop has reported that Bungie is working with Activision. This is to ensure that gamers will be getting new content regularly. Some players are hoping this means an expansion is in the cards.

Aside from the rumored expansion, there are news that Bungie will bring back events like Sparrow Racing. In addition, some new weapons quests might also be on hand. These will definitely keep players busy. That is especially if one factors in the various challenges they need to finish from the last DLC.

The popular opinion is that an expansion is the next logical move for Bungie. Not only will it serve as a conduit that links the game to Destiny 2, it will also drum up interest for the sequel. It should be pointed out though that Bungie is keeping a tight lid on its plans for 2017, so gamers should take Destiny news with a grain of salt.

Photo Source: Facebook | Destiny