Criminal Minds Season 12 Update: Show on Hiatus Following Demand for Thomas Gibson’s Return?

Criminal Minds Season 12 already becomes a rage even before the episodes started airing on CBS. And the reason is the departure of two main characters-Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson. The former actor left the role of Derek Morgan due to personal reasons. However, the showrunner dropped Gibson from the series owing to his misbehavior.

Now fans of the actor are demanding that the producers call him back on Criminal Minds Season 12. Previously, the show also fired several cast members unceremoniously, reports GameNGuide. These include A.J.Cook, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Rachel Nichols. The producers removed Cook due to budget cuts.

But on popular fan demand, they brought him back in the series. And now fans are expecting CBS to do the same once again with Thomas Gibson. However, it does not seem likely.

Gibson To Return On Criminal Minds Season 12?

It does not seem likely. Thomas Gibson repeatedly misbehaved with the series’ staff. On one occasion, he even became physically abusive with one of the writers. It caused him the role in Criminal Minds. The show producers may not change their decision to fire him.

On the other hand, fans are demanding for the BAU chief to return on Criminal Minds Season 12. They have already started a Twitter campaign to support the return of Gibson. Some fans even stated that they would not see the series unless the actor is back.

Insider sources say that the showrunners would rather stop the series than call back Gibson. They are in no mood to have him back on Criminal Minds Season 12. Hopefully, the demand for Gibson’s return will wane as the show progresses.

Girls Turn Out Bullies?

The previous episode showed BAU handling a case where two girls they first thought innocent turned out to be the bullies. In the episode titled The Anti-Terrorism Squad, the story revolved around two high school students who survived the murderous attack on their families. Both the students lost their parents and siblings.

Facebook messages reveal to Garcia that the two girls are bullies. They have a record of tormenting school students. What action will BAU take against them? The next episode of Criminal Minds Season 12 will reveal the fate of the bullies on CBS.

Photo Source: Facebook/Criminal Minds Season 12