Crashing Into Comedy: See The Promo Video For How A Comedian Starts

In Crashing, Pete Holmes and other comedians tell their up-and-coming stories from their early career days. In this promo video for the show, Pete Holmes talks about taking the stage for the first time, and the advice he received from other comedians about telling stories from your real life, but actually making it into a story with a comedic twist.

Crashing Synopsis

On the HBO show Crashing, Pete is a sheltered suburbanite who is married to his childhood sweetheart and dreams of making it as a stand-up comedian. But when he finds out his wife is cheating on him, Pete’s world unravels, forcing him to reevaluate his priorities. Pete flees to the New York comedy scene, where he crashes on other people’s couches, learning hard lessons about life and himself in the process.

Starring Pete Holmes and executive produced by Holmes and Judd Apatow, the comedy series Crashing draws on Holmes’ own experiences as a comedian,  offering a behind-the-scenes look at the unpredictable world of stand-up comedy. Apatow also directs the first and eighth episode of the series.

Also featured on Crashing are Lauren Lapkus as Pete’s wife Jessica, and George Basil as Leif, Jessica’s lover. Among the notables appearing as versions of themselves on the show are Dave Attell, Hannibal Buress, Artie Lange, T.J. Miller, Jim Norton, Rachael Ray and Sarah Silverman.

Watch new episodes of Crashing every Sunday at 10:30PM, on HBO.