Adele Humbled by Grammy Awards – see her press conference here

As the first-ever artist to sweep the top three awards – Best Song, Record, and Album (twice!), singer-songwriter Adele says she feels very lucky and humbled by the accomplishment.

Adele rounded off her triumphant evening at the Grammy Awards by breaking her final award of the night in half while on stage, after dedicating it to Beyoncé because Adele thought Lemonade was a “monumental” album that should have won the Album of the Year award.

Adele Grammy Awards

It was an emotional evening for Adele and she couldn’t help sobbing after receiving her final award for Album of the Year, commenting that she couldn’t accept the award because she felt it should have gone to Beyonce. Even the Lemonade singer was struggling to keep back the tears as Adele gave a heartfelt speech praising her.

Speaking about her comeback, she said that it “took an army” to help her get her latest album off the ground. Adele said: “I struggled and I still do struggle being a mum but this made me feel in some way like I have got some of myself back again.”

See Adele’s Grammy Awarsd performance of “Hello”: