Abby Lee Miller Broke Down in Leaked Video of Dance Moms Season 6 Finale

Abby Lee Miller, for a rare moment, was caught on camera breaking down. Is Abby Lee Dance Company Shutting down?

Dance Moms reality star and fierce coach Abby Lee Miller is slowly crumbling down as she continues to battle her legal issues. While the court allowed her request to delay sentencing several times before, sooner or later she has to face the consequences of her actions.

Along with her legal actions, Abby Lee Miller is currently dealing with more drama inside her Abby Lee Dance Company. Reports claimed that since her fraud charges exploded, students started to abandon her and the studio. The alleged case happened with star student Maddie Ziegler.

The coach raised her appeal to the court several times and fortunately for her, granted it every time. However, Abby still has to accept the inevitable and must spend time in jail for up to three years in January 2017, reports claimed.

With her sentencing comes another question. What will happen to Abby Lee Dance Company and Dance Moms?

Leaked Dance Moms Season 6 Finale Video

The Abby Lee Miller led reality series has been reported to continue with Season 7. According to rumors, the show will give the lead to another coach, Debbie Allen. An official confirmation has yet to be made about the new coach.

In a leaked video uploaded via You Tube, Abby Lee Miller is yet in another breakdown. The video hints that mothers of her studio are scouting for a new studio.  Not only are some of the mothers looking for a new studio but they are actually considering moving their daughters to a rival studio.

A side interview shows how brokenhearted Abby is with the impending decision of the parents. “I really don’t know what moms are trying to do with me,” Abby said.

“I love those kids,” she explained, “I would die for them” she added. Watch the video below from the Dance Moms Season 6 finale.

What do you think will happen to ALDC and Dance Moms?

Stay tuned for more news and updates on Abby Lee Miller.

Photo Source: Facebook/Dance Moms